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Newbie in programming! and struggling to get strong logic in solving the problems.

Don’t worry! Karel is here to help you.

Karel is a simple robot. It performs the task based on a given set of commands. The programming behind the Karel is similar to Java but a lot simpler than that. It was designed as a educational programming language for beginners.
This is how the Karel IDE looks like.

The white square on the right-hand side is called World. You can change the dimensions of the World from the drop-down menu beside the World.
On clicking the Reference on the top right corner, you will see the whole set of valid commands and conditional statements.
The functioning of these commands is as simple as their names.

Karel IDE has four components:

You can learn more about Karel here.

No doubt Karel is easy to master but still, some problems can be challenging.

One of the challenging problem that you can try :

Print checkerbroad pattern.

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